14 Things to Look for When Choosing a Flower Girl Dress

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4 young flower girls sitting together

There's only one woman who could be sweeter than the bride, the flower girl! The girl with flowers steals the spotlight when they walk down the aisle tossing flowers before the bride arrives.

There are many flower girl dresses out there, but not all of them are right for you. When choosing between the best flower girl dresses and deciding which dress to buy, keep these 14 things in mind...


1) Style

What type of flower girl dress do you want? A traditional or vintage look? Something modern and chic? A classic ballerina style with tulle skirt and petticoat bodice? Or something simple with little adornment that will go with any outfit she wears on her big day? The perfect flower girl dresses can be a simple elegant dress or ones with a lot of details. A tulle dress can provide a soft romantic look. Simple flower girl dresses can still provide a beautiful accompaniment to any wedding.

Chances are the bride has given you some guidance and inspiration already about the wedding fashion and style of the bridal party, but if not it’s up to you to decide what best suits your future flower girl.


2) Wedding Theme

Also try to consider the style of the wedding such as if it is going to be a rustic wedding, summer wedding, beach wedding, spring wedding, or fall wedding. Try incorporating some of the wedding inspiration ideas when trying to pick out the perfect flower girl dresses.
flower girl with flower basket walking on beach boardwalk

2) Size

Flower girls come in different shapes and sizes so be sure to find one to fit your flower girl. Some flower girls are toddlers, while others are older children. Make sure the flower girl dress is age-appropriate for her. You do not want to put a flower girl in an adult sized flower girl dress.

Flower girl dresses usually come in standard sizes: Tiny, Toddler, Child, Misses, and Plus sizes . However flower girl dresses can sometimes come in one size fits most or custom sizing. Make sure to check the flower girl dress’s product information for what kind of sizing it comes in. Flower girl dresses come in standard sizes, however there are flower girls with non-traditional sizes like plus or petite flower girl dresses.


3) Price

There are flower girl dresses that range from $30 all the way up to $700+. While you can find flower girl dresses at virtually any price point, keep in mind that the more expensive ones will be made with quality fabrics and may last longer than those at lower prices levels. If you plan on having multiple flower girls over time or if the bride is paying for it , then perhaps spend a little bit extra so she’ll have it as long as possible and will quickly outgrow it. On the other hand, if flower girl dresses are coming out of your own pocket , consider something more affordable and budget-friendly.

Different flower girl dresses are made with different materials. You can find flower girl dresses at all price points, but be mindful of the quality of flower girl dresses’ fabric . This will not only affect how long your flower girl dress will last, but it may also change its overall look and feel. This is a special occasion event so expect to spend a bit more than a regular everyday dress.

4) Fabric

There are different flower girl dresses that come with different fabrics including chiffon, tulle, lace, organza, satin, and more. Depending on flower girl dresses’ fabric weights , they can range from light to heavy-weighted flower girl dresses . Also keep in mind that flower girl dresses with heavier fabrics are generally less see-through.

Make sure you are aware of ​ flower girl dress fabric content. Some flower girl dresses are made with all natural fabrics, while others are lined with polyester, rayon or nylon. If you choose a flower girl dress that is not made entirely of natural fibers, make sure it has some natural fiber mixed in to stay on the safe side for allergies.

Whether your flower girl dresses are made entirely of natural fabrics or not, flower girl dresses and flower girl dress styles should allow your flower girls to feel comfortable and move freely. Make sure flower girl dresses have ample room for movement without being too tight or having scratchy embellishments that could irritate her skin.


5) Lining

Not all flower girl dresses are unlined flower girl dresses . Lining flower girl dresses is beneficial because it helps prevent transparency, allows the flower girl dress to hold its original shape, and makes flower girl dresses easier to clean. Unlined flower girls are great for flower girls who want their flower girl dress to be extra lightweight.


6) Colors

If you’re shopping flower girl dresses online, you’ll see flower girl dresses are available in many different colors . Some flower girls are more colorful looking with flower girl dresses that have multiple colors while others prefer flower girl dresses that are white or ivory flower girl dresses. If the bride is allowing you to pick out flower girl dresses, let her know what flower girl dress colors you’re looking at so she can pick flower girl dresses with colors that go well together.

two little girls walking in white and blue flower girl dresses wedding dress on the background of field with poppies, the model turned their backs and holding a bouquets of poppy

7) Embellishments

Flower girl gowns come with a range of embellishments, including flowers, sparkles, ruffles, bows, and more. Despite the fact that flower girls enjoy decorations, it's critical to select flower girl dresses that appeal to them. While flower girl outfits with a lot of adornments may appear lovely, the flower dress itself might be too chaotic and difficult for little girls to dance in.

8) Care Instructions

Many flower girl dresses are machine washable however look out for dry cleaning only requirements. Ensure flower girl dresses can be washed in a washing machine, and that they have clear care instructions . While it often depends on flower girl dress fabric content , you should at least expect to hand-wash flower girls if necessary.


9) Wedding Dress Style

When selecting flower girls, consider the wedding dress style and color. Your flower girls should complement — not compete — with your bridesmaids’ dresses and your wedding gown. Consider how much skin your bride plans on showing by choosing a short or long flower girl gown. Also consider other factors like fabric weight and embellishments when determining what kind of flower girl clothes will look best with the bridal party


10) Style Details

There are flower girl dresses with simple, classic shapes and silhouettes, flower girl dresses with trendy details, flower girl dresses with delicate lace appliqués , flower girl dresses with illusion-lace cutouts. If you are having a destination wedding or if there will be flower girls of different ages/sizes in the wedding party, go for something simple and understated. Some dresses might get crushed in luggage if traveling for a destination wedding.

flower girl with lace cotton dress with flower crown on blond curls

11) Length

There is such a thing as flower girl dress length (all flower girl dresses are not ankle-length). You’ll want to choose one that will be age appropriate for your flower girl. A flower girl dress with an age-appropriate hemline is much easier to hem up later if it needs to be done than a flower girl dress that is supposed to sit at a certain length.


12) Sleeves

Many flower girl dresses include short sleeves, while some have long sleeves or even cap sleeves . If you are having an outdoor wedding , go for flower girl dresses that have sleeveless or short-sleeved options to avoid overheating your flower girls. However if you are having a fall or winter wedding then a long sleeve flower girl dress may help keep your little one warm.


13) Accessories

Some flower girl dresses include flower girl dress sashes while others flower girl dresses are do not. If flower girls are choosing flower girl dresses themselves, make sure you specify what accessories should be included to avoid any confusion or hurt feelings. Also make sure you consider hair accessories like headbands, flower crowns, and tiaras, as well as shoes, and flower girl baskets. In addition you should plan for any wraps or outer garments that may be needed due to cooler weather at the wedding.


14) Comfortability

Last but not least, flower girl dresses should be comfortable for your flower girls to wear. If you are having flower girls of different ages , choose flower girl dresses that are simple and versatile so they can be worn by flower girls of various sizes . Flower girl dresses are one thing that don’t have to cost a lot, but it is worth investing a little bit of money into flower girl dresses that will be worn by flower girls who have to stand through a wedding ceremony and mingle outside. You'll want their flower girl dresses to be comfortable enough for them to wear during the whole day, so make sure the flower girl dresses you choose are up for the task.

2 flower girls going up the stairs with ballgown skirts and embellishments

Flower girl dresses come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s important to choose the right one for your flower girl. You’ll want to consider things like length, embellishments, style details, and comfortability when choosing a flower girl dress. If you are having more than one flower girl, make sure to choose something that is machine-washable and versatile enough to be worn by different flower girls of various ages . Flower girl dresses don’t have to cost a lot, but it is worth investing in a good quality dress that will make your flower girls feel comfortable during the wedding ceremony and throughout the day. By following our advice, you can be sure that your flower girls will look stylish and feel comfortable throughout the wedding day. So what are you waiting for? Start shopping for flower girl dresses now!

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